Kizh Nation

                    Today there is a growing awareness of the enormous debt that Los Angeles owes the Gabrieleño.  Although the city traditionally traces its cultural heritage to Spanish and American roots, it was the Gabrieleño who built and supported the missions, Pueblo, and ranchos.  It was the Gabrieleño who provided the goods and labor that enabled the first settlements to survive and prosper; without them the history of Los Angeles would be very different indeed.

                            “The First Angelinos,”by William McCawley

The Kizh Kitc Gabrieleños are the indigenous people of the Los Angeles basin that were enslaved to build the San Gabriel mission as well as the Los Angeles Plaza Church and who’s history has attempted to be erased by politics on both local and federal levels.  We are talking about a conspiracy through the 20th century to avoid the question of repatriation.


Ernest Perez, Tautimes, Salas,

Chief and spiritual leader of the original documented Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians has proven to be the most recognized and most accurately documented, direct lineal-descendant of former native ancestors of Kizh/Gabrieleño Villages or (rancherias), the villages of Sibangna Siba, Tameobit & Atongai / Tamet, from 1785 of any Gabrieleño Indians in Gabrieleño History.

The original Gabrieleño tribe of  San Gabriel led by Chief & spiritual leader Ernest P. Teutimez Salas, Gabrielino Tribal Council gained acknowledgement of its nonprofit status by the state of California in 1994 ( incorporator and founder of the 501C3 Ernest P. Salas.)

  Ernie Salas and son Andy walking ancestral land in Potrero Chico de San Gabriel.

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501c3 Non Profit

Gabrieliño Tribal Council

San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians

Historically known as The San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians recognized by the State of California as the aboriginal tribe of the

Los Angeles Basin

We are the original tribal government of the Los Angeles Basin who achieved state recognition in 1994 under AJR 96 as the Gabrielino tribal council and WHEREAS, The State of California has had consistent interaction with the our tribal government, known originally as the San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians; also achieved in 1994 under the tribes incorporator, Ernie P. Salas, the tribes leader and who obtained the tribes first 501C3 on 1-28-1994.

The Kizh,Kitc (Keech) Gabrieleño Heritage

  (Indigenous people of the willow houses)


We have lost our beloved Chief.  He has begun his journey to join the Ancestors just one week after his wife Virginia Murrieta Salas began her journey. They were married for 70 years and both were 88 years old.  Journey well

Chief Ernie P. Salas